Oil & Gas Field Construction

Civil, Infrastructure & Road Construction

OTPSIW’s is a certified contractor for all forms of civil construction, providing a full range of civil construction works inside the fence area of Oil & Gas assets which covers, earth works, site developments, infrastructure works, sewage and storm water drainage, all kind of ducting works for electrical and telephone networks, Sub base and asphalt service roads inside the plant and outside the plant areas.

Our integrated operations and extensive inventory of construction equipment allows us to offer our clients a wider and more comprehensive range of services.

Civil, Infrastructure & Road Construction
Industrial Buildings

OTPSIW’s has a comprehensive team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to handle all aspects of constructing, Substations, control buildings, blast resistant building, chemical storage building, warehouses & shelters.

OTPSIW’s team has proven track record of design, procure and construct such buildings across oil installation of Kuwait. In addition to our capability in constructing such concrete structure construction, we are also experienced in constructing pre engineered structures in line with the requirements to meet the International Standards.

Industrial Buildings
Plant Construction

OTPSIW’s and its team comprised of Management and Engineers are well experienced in constructing Oil & Gas facilities across GCC starting from earth work to completion and handing over.

  • Earth work.
  • Concrete and Equipment foundation.
  • Structural platforms.
  • Pipe racks.
  • Control building and substations, Blast resistance buildings.
  • Plant piping. (Offsite fabrication on site fabrication, welding and erection).
  • Storage Tanks (Fixed and floating roof) Fabrication and erection.
  • Erection of all kinds of static and rotary equipment’s.
  • Booster station and gathering centers construction.
  • Gas & Crude production facility.
Plant Construction